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Yanik's paintings from January 2, 2004

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My name is I Wayan Andita, but I prefer people to call me Yanik: a simple and short name; easy to remember.
I was born in 1972 in Ubud, Bali.
I helped famil and neighbours to make traditional Balinese style paintings from childhood until I entered college.My motorbike accident led me back to art; I have been painting ever since.My most memorable artistic influences:1994: During my stay in Australia, I had the opportunity to visit museums displaying the artistic works of the Aborigines. I was profoundly inspired.1996: At Saritaksu Design and Communications, working as a graphic designer, my co-workers teached me many techniques and design principles.1997: While touring and exhibiting in Switzerland for 3 months, my
understanding of contemporary art was greatly expanded.
Exhibited in local banks, gaIeries, restaurants, visited galleries and museums, and gave painting demonstrations in streets and parks.Exhibitions:
1996 BaIi Padma, Legian Kuta
1998 (Bursa Seni) at REI office, Denpasar
1999 "Man Seeing Women" at Pranoto Gallery, Ubud
2000 "Borneo and Aboriginal collaboration" at Borneo Art Studio, Ubud
2001 "Nyama-Braya" at Aji's Gallery, Ubud
2001 Paintings and Installations "Bridge" with artists from Jogya and Japan.
200I "Kumpul-kumpul art" at Nandya Gallery, Ubud
2002 "Mantra" (Solo Exhibition) at Bali 3000 gallery, Ubud
2002 "Nawa Rupa Peliatan" at Gedung Serba Guna Peliatan.
2002 "Damai Itu lndah" at Shini Gallery, Ubud
2003 "Nawa Rupa Peliatan lI" at Maya, Ubud
2003 "Cinta Damai" at Ndak Gallery, Ubud.
2003 " Mantra" (Solo Exhibition) at 3 Monkeys, UbudOther activities: Actively involved in organizing underground art events, workshops, theatres, writing and publishing art bulletins.The fundamentals of my Art:- Recreating the meaning of Mantra...Repetition is the basic strength of Mantra, such as repetition of geometrical shapes, symbols, patterns, fonts, numbers, voices, waves, colours etc.
I was introduced to, and extensively practised meditation techniques of Mantra.Therefore, my artwork has been influenced by Mantra symbols and their repetitions in various shapes. They appear as my own creations, but respect the original Mantra.
It is my conviction, that Mantra should not be generalized or become a school. Mantras "appear" as a personal experience. My work is a personal search, and my "finished" works are works for the audience, who will find their own personal feeling and meaning reflected in the painting.-What is a Mantra-
In general, Mantra has its specific rites and rhythms.
However, Mantra is not merely to be like that, they are beyond borders, the priests should not dominate it.
The Mantra makes us feel, and energizes us.
Once we believe in it, the vibration is getting stronger and stronger if it's spoken over time, again and again.
Our life cycle is an endless repetitive Mantra after all: Birth, Life, and Death. Morning, Afternoon, Night: aIl come in their own specific cycles and changes.- The sacred forms and unspoken alphabets:The long and dynamic journey towards self-consciousness is endless.
Through meditation, I feel undermined universal secrets.
But so far, my mind discovers circles with so many forms.
I try to recall the simplest abstracts: Repetitions of time, shape, colour, time, sacred new alphabets
Sacred alphabets are transformed into brand new forms: not to be spelled, but to be felt with the senses.You don't have to scrape every shape, form, and colour for the meaning of sacred alphabets. Just look at a painting with some secrets in it.
Intuition and passion create tranquillity
I learned, that all geometric forms are circles in a different format: life itself is a circle.We have a meditation through spelling one meaningless word over and over again. It brings us to the highest level of concentration.I call my work "Visual Mantra": they are visualisation on canvas of micro- and macrocosmic secrets.
Everything said and done: my art has nothing to do with religion or beliefs.
It's only about the universal Mantra
Us being expressed as a repetition form. The other components like "composition, techniques and media", actually are merely intuitions and accidents.Each of my work has specific objectives. Similarity with symbols from other cultural origins can not be denied.
"Mantra" in my artwork is strictly personal and therefore contains personal values, to be explored, enlivened and repeatedly be relived and interpreted by the onlooker: by you.
Click here to see the ivitation to the party of my solo-exhibition on Janyary 2.

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Deshima imports the wooden Tulip-puzzle, Souvenirs, -Floating Candles, -POSTCARDS, shaped in the form of a tulip, -Art-stamps and Art-accessories.
One of the most beautiful and elaborate flower-festivals in Japan is in Kiso Sansen Park.
We are there this time again; click and have a look at the fun we have there.
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Deshima Imports: Greens: (giftboxed) Seeds, Herbs. Traditionals: Delft Blue Pottery, Hand painted Hindeloopen, Magnets, Souvenirs from Holland, Street organs, Traditional games, Wooden clog-Brushes, Wooden Key holders, Wooden Shoes, 18'th century clothes, Dutch traditional clothes, Antique clothes of 400 years ago, BandanaUs. Originals: Fragrance-sets, Theme-stamps Art-stamps, Tulip-styled Postcards, Brooches Mirror-boxes, Art-accessories, Wooden accessories, Floating Candles,, Handicrafts from exotic Bali, Art in wood, Wooden animals, Wooden Flower-puzzles. To wear: Art-accessories, Wooden accessories, Holland Badges, 18'th century clothes, Dutch traditional clothes, fairy-dresses, traditional clothes DeshimaUs days, Flower-Sarongs, BandanaUs, Scarves, Wooden Shoes. Bakery-products: Waffles (new: the HoneyBear-Waffle). And more...


-東京: 麻布十番納涼まつり, -大阪:花らんまん, -静岡: 浜松フラワーパーク, -東京: 代々木ワールドフォークロリアーダ, 長崎: 長崎江戸参府, -千葉: フラワー&ガーデニングショー, -千葉: フーデックス, -静岡: 浜松アシス -東京: ホスピタルショー, -兵庫: 兵庫フラワーパーク, -鳥取: 花回廊, -埼玉: 東松山スリーデーマーチ, -愛知: 伊良湖, -大阪: インテックス , -静岡: 伊東市, -大阪: JR 大阪駅, -東京: JR東京駅 -福島: 鏡石町, 岐阜:木曽三川公園, -秋田: 大潟村, -京都: 網野町, -東京; アトレ大井町, -大阪: 大阪花万博 , -千葉: 佐倉市, -宮城: 仙台, -滋賀: 新旭, -大阪: テーブルコーディネートフェア, -高崎: さやもーる, -富山: 富山エキスポ, -大阪: 堺わっしょい祭り, -福島: 矢祭町, -神奈川: 横須賀市, -神奈川: 山下公園, -東京: アトレ恵比須, -埼玉: 加須市, -群馬: 大胡町
-大阪: フェルメ−ル展, -千葉: 野栄町, -東京: 千代田区, -東京: 中央区, -長崎:江戸参府: -平戸: 江戸参府, -岡山: 江戸参府, -大阪: 堺江戸参府 , -静岡: 江戸参府, -名古屋: 江戸参府, -東京: 江戸参府, -北海道: 江差町, -北海道: 函館市, -大阪: 花の文化園, -大阪: 千里阪急, -岐阜:海津町, -静岡: 掛川市, -兵庫: 加古川市, -秋田: 角館町, -兵庫: 神戸市, -茨城: 古河市, -福岡: 小倉, -福島: 郡山市, -富山: 黒部, 京都: 舞鶴市, -福井: 三国町, 武生市-神奈川 : 南足柄市, -東京: 港区, -宮崎: 都城市, -山形: 村山市, -新潟: 長岡市, -愛知:
名古屋, -大阪: 日蘭学会, -新潟: 新潟市, -長崎: 西彼杵郡, 佐世保市-東京: お台場, -岡山: 岡山市, 津山市-新潟: ホテルオークラ, , -兵庫: 六甲山, -東京: ロイヤルコレクション , -高崎: ロイヤルコレクション, -大阪: 堺, -埼玉 : 狭山市 -山口: 新南陽市, -愛知: 田原町, -高崎: 高島屋, -東京: 高島屋, -大阪: 天王寺, -富山: 砺波 , -大阪: 鶴見区, -千葉: 幕張, -東京: 上野, ギフトショー出島イベント企画
レンタル用品 オランダハウス なつかしのメリーゴーランド,
オランダ民族衣装 ,
ニ百−四百年前のオランダ貴族の衣装 、長崎出島商舘時代のカピタンの衣装 ),
伝統的料理器具 ,
風車, ストリ−トオルガン, 伝統ゲーム
オランダマーケット (食品/雑貨)
移動式レストラン (NEW: 四百年前のオランダキッチン!!!)
外国人スタッフ外国人パフォーマー 工芸職人製作実演
木曽三川公園での有名なチューリップ祭りのようすをごらんください。オランダハウス, チーズ運びショー, 木靴作り実演, オランダ民芸品ショップ , オランダ伝統料理 , アコーディオン演奏, 風船ショー, ビッグストリートオルガン, 伝統的オランダゲーム, パフォーマンス

 Towns and events where we assist in festivals:

-Tokyo: Azabu Juuban, -Osaka: Hanaranman, -Shizuoka: Hamamatsu Flowerpark, -Tokyo: Yoyogi World Folkloriade, -Nagasaki: Nagasaki Edo Sanpu, -Chiba: Flower and Gardeningshow, -Chiba: Foodex, -Shizuoka: Hamamatsu Aziz, -Chiba: Hospital-Show, -Hyogo: Hyogo Flower park, -Osaka: Hanaranman, -Tottori: Hanakairo Flower-park, -Saitama: Higashi Matsuyama, -Aichi: Irago-park, -Osaka: Int'l Business Show in Intex, -Shizuoka: Itoh-shi, -Osaka: JR Osaka Station, -Tokyo: JR Tokyo Station, -Fukushima: Kagami-ishi, Kiso, -Akita: Ogata-mura, -Kyoto: Amino-cho, -Tokyo; Oimachi : Atre, -Osaka: Osaka Flower-Expo, -Chiba: Sakura-shi,, -Miyagi: Sendai, -Shiga: Shin Asahi, -Osaka: Table Coordinate Fair, -Takasaki: Takasaki Saya-Mall, -Toyama: Toyama EXPO, -Osaka: Wassyoi Sakai, -Fukushima: Yamaturi-machi, -Kanagawa: Yokosuka-shi, -Yokohama: Yamashita-Koen, -Tokyo: Ebisu Atre, -Saitama: Kazo-shi, -Gunma: Ogo-Machi

Other towns and events in Japan:
-Osaka: Vermeer-Exhibition, -Chiba: Nozaka-cho, -Tokyo: Chiyoda-ku, -Tokyo: Chuo-ku, -Nagasaki: Hirado Edo Sanpu, -Okayama: Okayama Edo Sanpu, -Osaka: Sakai Edo Sanpu, -ShizuokaShizuoka: Edo Sanpu, -Nagoya: Nagoya Edo Sanpu, -Tokyo: Tokyo Edo Sanpu, -Hokkaido: Ezashi-cho, -Hokkaido: Hakodate-shi, -Osaka: Hana no Bunkaen, -Osaka: SenriHankyu Department-store, -Nagasaki: Hirado-shi, -Gifu: Kaizu-cho, -Shizuoka: Kakegawa, -Hyogo: Kakogawa-shi, -Akita: Kakunodate-Machi, -Hyogo: Kobe-shi, -Ibaragi: Koga-shi, -Kyuushu: Kokura, -Fukushima: Koriyama-shi, -Toyama: Kurobe, -Kyoto: Maizuru-shi, -Fukui: Mikuni-cho, -Kanagawa: Minamiashigara-shi, -Tokyo: Minato-ku, -Miyazaki: Miyakonojo-shi, , -Yamagata: Murayama-shi, -Niigata: Nagaoka, -Nagasaki: Nagasaki-shi, -Aichi: Nagoya, -Osaka: Nichiran Gakkai, -Niigata: Niigata Flower, -Nagasaki: Nishisonogi-gun, -Tokyo: Odaiba, -Okayama: Okayama-shi, -Niigata: Okura Hotel, -Kobe: Okura Hotel, -Kobe: Rokkosan, -Tokyo: Royal Collection, -Takasaki: Royal Collection, -Osaka: Sakai, -Kumamoto: Sankaku-machi, -Nagasaki: Sasebo-shi, -Saitama: Sayama -Yamaguchi: Shinsanyo-machi, -Shizuoka: Shizuoka, -Aichi: Tahara-machi, -Takasaki: Takashimaya Dept Store, -Tokyo: Takashimaya Dept Store, -Fukui: Takefu-shi, -Osaka: Tennoji, -Toyama: Tonami Tulip-park, -Osaka: Tsurumi-Kumin Festival, -Okayama: Tsuyama-shi, -Chiba: Makuhari, -Tokyo: Gift-Show

Deshima Organizer Events :
Rent-out goods complete villages Nostalgic Dutch Fairy-grounds, Dutch traditional clothes, (new: Clothes worn in DESHIMA 2-400 years ago), Traditional cooking-utensils, mills, street organ, Traditional games).
Temporary Dutch shops at festivals (food/non-food)
make-shift-restaurants (NEW: the Kitchen of 400 years ago!!!)
Non-Japanese personnel.
Non-Japanese-Performers and Craft (wo-)menSee the most beautiful Tulip-festival of Japan: the festival in Kiso, where you can enjoy our Dutch Houses, Cheese-carrying, Clog-making, a Dutch Souvenir-shop, Traditional Dutch cooking, Accordion, Balloon-making, the BIG Street-organ, our Old-fashioned Dutch games, and our Performers.

グリーン: (化粧箱入) 花やハーブの種子, ハーブ栽培セット.
Traditionals: デルフト焼陶器 , ヒンデロ−ペン手描き工芸品, マグネット, オランダ民芸雑貨, ストリートオルガン, 伝統的ゲーム, 木靴ブラシ, 木靴キーホルダー, 木靴 , 18世紀の衣装 , オランダ民族衣装 , 400年前の衣装 , バンダナ
オリジナル: フレグランスセット, スタンプシール(アート、花、動物シリーズなど, チューリップ型ポストカード, ブローチ、ミラーなど , Art-アートアクセサリー, シルバーアクセサリー, 木製アクセサリー, フローティングキャンドル ハ−ディビ−ズワックスキャンドル, バリ島手工芸品, 木製アートオブジェクト, 木製動物シリーズ , 木製チューリップパズル, 木製額 .
To wear:
Art-accessories, Wooden accessories, Holland Badges, 18'th century clothes, Dutch traditional clothes, fairy-dresses, traditional clothes Deshima's days, Flower-Sarongs, Bandana's, Scarves, Wooden Shoes.
Bakery-products: Waffles (new: the HoneyBear-Waffle).

Deshima Wholesales within Japan.