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The History of "Deshima"
In the olden days, when the red barbarians drifted to these shores, the Japanese first let them mingle among themselves. . .
The Portuguese and Spanish saw converting the Japanese as a their solid base for business.
The Dutch just came for trade.
The island Deshima Japan isolates itself from the rest of the world for 250 years. The Dutch were then only window to the world.
In those years the Dutch on the Island of Deshima (an artificial island built outside of Nagasaki) was the only way in which know-how from the outside-world filtered into Japan.

Deshima in olden days EDO

The captain ("opperhoofd") of the island of Deshima brought yearly visits to Tokyo.

Today's "opperhoofd" of Deshima is again a Dutchman, residing in Tokyo. The purpose of trade and exchange between Japan and the outside world is still the same, however.
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The name "Deshima" is very popular nowadays in Japan; shops, hotels, embassy-party-rooms, or even Sumo-wrestlers have taken the same name. The picture above was found in the English daily the "Japan Times": The christening of a tulip with our compamy-name.

Queen Beatrix and Mayor Suzuki inaugurates the Deshima-tulip

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